A Comparison test showed higher yield in soilless grown tomato

  HPA News.-A comparison test was carried out by  Applied Research Center of Hydropolitics Association.In this test,a new type and synthetic-chemical (conventional) fertilizers productivity in  soilless grown tomato  was investigated in a test greenhouse. For this purpose, some  measurement ,  on  12 tomato plant  , were made  during the growing period and after harvest. The tomato plants which have been fertigated by new  fertilizer showed higher values of plant growth parameters, yield and fruit size properties in comparison to synthetic- chemical fertigated one. Total soluble solids  of tomato juice were also  significantly different in new  and synthetic-chemical fertigated plants. Plant  tomato analyses  showed that both new and synthetic-chemical fertigated plants adequately fed. However, some distinguished differences have been observed. As a result, tomato growing in soilless systems by using new fertilizer showed more productive and  different  flavour results. Test results showed that new fertilizer could positively affect the plant growth, yield ,flavor and  fruit quality of tomato comparing with classical chemical one. After growing period first  tomatoes harvested and statistical analysis was carried out in multi-variable tests among those fed by new fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. The data obtained from this analysis reveal that there is a significant difference between the two groups. Prepared report is available COMPARISON TEST REPORT  

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