"Dünyada herkese yetecek kadar kaynak var, ancak herkesin hırsını karşılamaya yetecek kadar değil."  Mahatma GANDİ


United Nations online course on Introduction to Water Diplomacy (17 November - 14 December 2014)

Background Water is every living organism’s common denominator. Societies depend on it for their own subsistence and growth, and go great lengths to ensure water secure futures. But freshwater is not, in essence and in practice, an egalitarian resource and its accessibility to some often means inaccessibility to others. With unprecedented population growth, new emerging economies and the effects of climate change, pressures on our finite freshwater resources are increasing. Meanwhile, the ability of some nations to secure their aqueous requirements is being severely challenged, causing great and legitimate concern that tensions around water hotspots will intensify among water users. Yet, water holds an immense potential for cooperation which has still to be understood and empowered. Water is and will remain at the heart of international peace and security, the defense of human rights and the imperative for sustainable development paths. An increasingly strong and coordinated response is therefore expected from the international community in order to raise awareness, mitigate conflict, and build cooperation from the growing challenges posed by water between sovereign states. water-diplomacy-header Event Objectives The purpose of this course will first be to raise awareness on the current state of freshwater resources worldwide and the need for adequate diplomatic solutions to stimulate cooperation around the way the resource is managed. It will provide knowledge resources, circumstantial experiences, and a cadre of tools to water-relevant stakeholders so as to enhance their ability to assess, prevent, and respond to the tensions arising from situations of water scarcity and mismanagement worldwide. This approach will be relevant to the great water stressors of our time and will serve to promote both short and longer term cooperation through shared benefits, inclusive multi-stakeholder agreements, and sustainable transboundary institution building. Introduction to Water Diplomacy Type: Course Date: 17 Nov - 14 Dec 2014 Duration of event: 4 weeks Location: web-based Programme area: Peace Security and Diplomacy, Multilateral Diplomacy Fee: USD 600 Website: http://www.unitar.org/mdp/ Event focal point email: mdp-elearning@unitar.org Event focal point Contact Number: +41 22 917 87 16 Other events details: How to register
Contact information Email: mdp-elearning@unitar.org
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File link http://www.unitar.org/event/introduction-water-diplomacy-0
Source of information UNITAR
Keyword(s) Water Diplomacy
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News date 02/10/2014
Working language(s) ENGLISH
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