Antalya International Science Forum- 29 November -1 December 2023-CLIMATE CHANGE


Invitation for Participation

Dear Sir or Madam,

Akdeniz University Social Policy and Migration Studies Application and Research Centre (ASPAG) is planning to organise the Antalya International Science Forum (ANISF) on "Climate Change, Environmental Crisis and Migration". We invite you to join this international event in Megasaray Westbeach Antalya Hotel in Antalya-Turkey, which is organised in partnership with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Friedrich Ebert Foundation Turkey Representation (Istanbul), Centre for Turkish Studies (Germany-Essen) and Hydropolitics Association, as we consider your work and contributions to science valuable.

ANISF aims to provide an opportunity for researchers, experts and practitioners to discuss current issues and solutions related to the Forum topic in an international and interdisciplinary environment. The Forum will address the problems caused by climate change in general, as well as the resulting migration movements and environmental disasters and degradation, as well as good practices and solutions developed in various regions of the world.

The Science Forum aims to discuss interdisciplinary approaches and solutions such as "climate resilient agriculture", "circular economy", "right to food", "climate justice", and "environmental law" in the context of global, regional and national impacts of climate change, migration and environmental crisis. ANISF will bring together experts from different regions of the world and various institutions and organisations, providing a platform for them to share their knowledge and expertise on the impacts of climate change on migration and vulnerable communities, as well as strategies for mitigation and adaptation.  

Sending abstracts is sufficient for participation. Later, you will receive information regarding the abstract submission deadline, forum accommodations detail, and participation fees. If the scientific committee accepts your abstract, your work will be included in the detailed program. The chosen studies will have the opportunity to be published in peer-reviewed international and national scientific journals. The forum's outcomes will also be compiled into an international report.

We invite you to contribute to the Science Forum between 29 November and 1 December 2023 and support this global effort to protect our planet and its inhabitants for future generations. Detailed information about the programme will be sent to you later. If you agree to participate at the Forum planned in Antalya, please get back to us via answering this e-mail or mail to info@anisf.com. If you are planning to participate you can also fill the survey below.


Kind regards.


Prof. Dr. Erol Esen

-Head of ANISF

-Head of Akdeniz University Social Policy and Migration Studies Application and Research Centre (ASPAG)

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