A Brief Method for the Calculation of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): wetlands in Europe

Eyüp Yüksel, Biologist, B.S., M.S., UNECE Environmental Performance Reviews National Expert (for Latvia, author of Chapter 8: “Nature and forest management”, former EEA ETC BD Task Manager in Turkey at GDNAP, the partner of ETC/BD on behalf of Turkey, OECD Agrienvironmental Biodiversity Indicators Ad hoc Expert Group member Introduction Wetlands are critical ecosystems for urban areas and farming in addition to their key regulatory role in nature conservation and flood regulation. The ecosystem services of them are many and so diverse. Wetlands have been assessed. However, local ecosystem services assessments may fail in including their additive value in national environmental accounts of each EU country in Europe. Besides such externalisations the mapping approach may fail to reveal their values complete as the hetereogenity of their special In situ values for each case. In other words, typically selected and most frequently valued wetland ecosystem services and the intensity of problem they compensate differ almost in each case throughout Europe.  However, still detailed and more specific, focusing on small scale wetland valuation cases would still be beneficiary to the society. Without taking into considering this side of the valuation grid mapping of wetland assessments would be useless at the European scale. Wetlands may be the initial and the most easier to understand stage of EU ecosystem valuation challenge which should be followed by Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) as EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) implementation, future water shortages, and farmers’s global level impacted farming are the leading challenges for the EU. In fact, OECD has launched such PES working groups. To read full article PES_wetlands_in_EU_in_line_with_CAP_policy_by_Eyup_Y_EEA_ETC_BD_and_GDNAP_Turkey_30_Monday_July_2013_15_49_pm
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