Wetlands Protection and Management Policies in Türkiye

Wetlands Protection and Management Policies in Türkiye

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Hydropolitics Academy Center-Türkiye

Wetlands and natural life have a deeply interconnected relationship. Wetlands provide a diverse range of habitats and resources that support numerous species, contributing to the overall health and balance of ecosystems

Wetlands are highly productive ecosystems. The nutrient-rich soils and abundant sunlight in wetland environments support vigorous plant growth. This productivity provides a foundation for the food chains and sustains a diverse range of wildlife. Wetlands also play a crucial role in nutrient cycling, recycling organic matter, and maintaining the overall ecological balance.

The relationship between wetlands and natural life is intricate and essential for the functioning of ecosystems. By protecting wetlands, we ensure the conservation of biodiversity, provide habitats for countless species, and support the interconnectedness of life in our natural world.

In Summary; Protecting wetlands is important for conserving biodiversity, maintaining water quality, reducing flood risks, sequestering carbon, supporting tourism, and preserving cultural and historical heritage. By safeguarding these vital ecosystems, we promote sustainable development and ensure a healthier and more resilient environment for future generations.

Shrinking wetlands and groundwater resources

Water shortages in cities and shrinking wetlands and groundwater resources are interconnected and can have a cause-and-effect relationship. Therefore we can talk about the interrelation between the shrinking of lakes and wetlands and the water shortage in cities. Cities have high water demands due to population growth, industrial activities, and domestic consumption. As cities expand, there is often an increased need for water resources.

When wetlands shrink or are lost, and groundwater resources decline, it becomes challenging to meet the rising water demand of urban areas. This can result in water shortages, especially during periods of drought or when water extraction exceeds sustainable levels.

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