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I Found a way to see the Fourth dimension.

I Found a way to see the Fourth dimension.

Aditya Poddar

Aditya Poddar

Mar 19·2 min read

Yesterday Midnight 3AM Iwoke up. And thought of this idea.

Let me first tell you, how to do it, then if you are interested you can read further about how I came up with it.

See the Fourth Dimension:

Imagine you are at a theatre, with many movie halls. Every hall is showing the same movie but at different point of time. The point where movie starts till the very end, there is a hall showing the movie at that point of time.


There is a movie of 90 seconds, thus there are 90 halls with the same movie at some respective time. Hall zero shows the movie at 0th second, Hall one at first second and so on.

So Far so good.


Imagine the each movie being a 3D movie, where you can enter that movie world at that point of time. That means you are entering 3D space on that particular time stamp.

Imagine all the halls lined up in one line and you can enter any 3D space at any point of time just select at which point you want to enter the space.

Now can you visualise the fourth dimension. I think everyone can visualise in this way. Since yesterday night I feel so much proud that i came up with this explaination. And finally be at peace of trying to comprehend other dimensions.



You can extend this further to fifth dimension as well.

Imagine instead of lining up the halls in one line, we line them in a matrix,

where across column the time is same, and along rows we change some other property. Boom you just visualized the fifth dimension.


By writing this article I am giving online proof of my work. And thus if in future this way of thinking becomes famous, I want to be known for this. Atleast some contribution towards people who wanted to understand the other dimensions better.

P.S: How I Come up with it, it will become a big article then. I will do it separetely if time allows.(Which now Ican see)

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