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Dijital Dünya ve Dijital Su Teknolojileri

Creating Digital Twin for Water Treatment Plants



Siemens has ​been collaborating ​with Acciona to ​create a ​Digital Twin to ​improve ​treatment plant ​management in ​one of the ​biggest ​desalination ​plants in the ​Middle East. ​

siemens-acciona-digital-twin-water-treatment-plants_10931.jpgThis new ​technology is ​used to analyze,​ optimize and ​improve ​productivity, ​reducing ​operating times ​and finding ​faults early. ​Simit software ​can be used to ​simulate field ​equipment and ​even the ​process of an ​entire plant, ​in real time. ​The Digital ​Twin creates a ​collaborative ​environment in ​which a virtual ​commissioning ​can be run, and ​operators can ​be trained in a ​safe way using ​a remote ​training ​station. The ​digital twin ​enables testing ​of the ​operational ​data in the ​process control ​system before ​the implementation,​ which makes ​process ​validation ​simpler, and ​means you can ​try various ​system ​operation and ​optimization ​options. ​

A Digital ​Twin is an ​exact digital ​copy of the ​real installation.​ It offers some ​significant ​advantages ​including ​remote plant ​management, ​analyzing and ​optimizing ​plant ​productivity ​and preventing ​faults before ​commissioning. ​There are two ​sides to the ​‘Digital ​Twin’, ​one related to ​the actual ​engineering ​design and the ​other related ​to the control ​system, in ​which different ​technologies ​like virtual ​reality, ​augmented ​reality, and ​the Internet of ​Things or ​Machine ​Learning ​converge. ​Creating a ​Digital Twin of ​a desalination ​plant is a ​complex project,​ as various ​knowledge ​disciplines on ​the process, ​mechanical ​equipment, ​electrical ​equipment, ​instrumentation,​ the control ​system and the ​simulation ​platform must ​all come ​together. ​

The system ​was developed ​in CECOA (the ​Acciona water ​control center) ​adopting the ​same cyber ​security ​standards and ​communication ​channel ​allocation used ​at all the ​other plants ​connected. This ​gives access to ​all functions ​in a quick and ​flexible way. ​The creation of ​the Digital ​Twin meets an ​ever-increasing ​need in the ​water sector: ​the automation ​systems are ​implemented ​with highest ​efficiency and ​availability, ​so that the ​plants are ​commissioned as ​quickly as ​possible. ​

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