Hydrodiplomacy and Climate Change in the Middle East  Conference  in Paris

HPA President Dursun Yıldız  will communicate in the conference  on “Water conflicts: a cooperation based on mutual interests”.
HPA-Ankara-An international conference entitled: “Hydrodiplomacy and Climate Change for Peace in Mesopotamia: case of the basin of the Tigris and Euphrates”. will be held on Paris in 10th of December 2018 (9:00-18:00) at French Senate- Luxembourg Palace-Paris Apart from high level attendees from E.U and Middle East  Countries ,Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Minister  Dr. Bekir  Pakdemirli and Prof Dr. Ayşegül Kibaroğlu from MEF University will attend the conference and make presentation. The Conference will focus on the following main themes:
  • Session 1: Retrospectives and lessons learned: the Orontes, the Jordan River and the Nile Basin
  • Session 2: Hydro-political issues in Mesopotamia: case of the Tigris and Euphrates 
  • Session 3:  Technico-economic and environmental issues in the Tigris and Euphrates: Nexus (Water, Energy, Food) and climate change
  • Session4:  Hydrodiplomacy and mediation on the large basins of the Middle East
The conference  will aim to explore the interest of advocating the concepts of Hydrodiplomacy, Mediation and the Nexus on the Tigris and Euphrates Basins, to ensure abundant water of good quality to future generations in Mesopotamia and foster a culture of water for peace in this region. HPA Director Dursun Yildiz has invited to the conference.He  will participate and  make a presentation  in “Hydropolitical issues in Mesopotamia: case of the Tigris and Euphrates” session .Title of his communication within the session  will be  “Water conflicts: a cooperation based on mutual interests”.
Programme is available here Program and concept note nov 6 Programme français et note de concept 6 nov
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