175 countries signed the Paris Agreement on 22 April 2016

  175 countries signed the Paris Agreement on 22 April 2016 at United Nations Headquarters in New York. This historic figure tops the previous record of 119 http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en/a-record-over-160-countries-expected-to-sign-the-paris-agreement-in-new-york-on-22-april-2016/signatures for an opening day signing for an international agreement set by the Montego Bay Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982. Some 60 Heads of State and Government, including President of the French Republic François Hollande, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US Secretary of State John Kerry, will be in New York. The list of signatory countries for 22 April is: here. 458 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s ambition is for the Paris Agreement signing ceremony held on Earth Day (22 April) to serve as a reminder that political engagement to take climate change action needs to continue at the highest level. Source : http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en/a-record-over-160-countries-expected-to-sign-the-paris-agreement-in-new-york-on-22-april-2016/ 459
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