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28-29 July 2020 / Virtual Workshop on designing legal frameworks for transboundary water cooperation


28 - 29 July 2020

The Virtual Workshop on legal frameworks for transboundary water cooperation will be especially tailored to assist countries and/or other relevant stakeholders in the design and drafting of agreements or other arrangements.

With a view to supporting the preparation of a checklist on developing legal frameworks for transboundary water cooperation, the workshop will take stock of existing experience worldwide with drafting and design, it will explore common challenges and gather lessons learned. The programme will be structured around some key aspects related to the drafting of legal frameworks, namely:

(1)    Preliminary considerations and general provisions of an agreement or arrangement;
(2)    Substantive content and procedural features, including general obligations and principles; key water management, protection, sectoral and intersectoral issues covered; and procedural provisions supporting an effective cooperation.
(3)    Implementation, institutional framework and dispute settlement.

The Virtual Workshop will further include a special thematic session on addressing health issues in transboundary water cooperation, particularly in light of the current outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The meeting is open to governmental representatives, representatives of joint bodies’ secretariats, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations promoting transboundary water cooperation, experts, and academia.

Stakeholders that are directly engaged in the drafting and design of legal frameworks for transboundary waters are strongly encouraged to participate.

Registration & Practical information

Participants are kindly requested to register through the form available on this link.

Further technical information will be available in due course.


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