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Waterist-Istanbul Water Congress- 11-13 October 2018

Increasing population and climate change brings many problems together that negatively affects city life. Water scarcity is one of these problems. Long-run estimations show that good management and sustainability of water resources is inevitable necessity for human life. To discuss the future of our water and to handle sustainable and economic development, we will meet up at the Halic Congress Center on 11-13 October 2018 in Istanbul Water Congress and Fair. Within the scope of the Congress, 5 main topics will be covered; which are Water Management and Treatment Technologies, Wastewater Treatment and Reutilization, Trenchless Technologies and Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Sludge Management, Water Industry and 4.0. In addition, at the İSTSU - Istanbul Water Congress and Fair, Historical Water Structures were decided as a theme in academic sessions. At the sessions where the presentations will take place, it will be discussed the historical water structures as the national, cultural, architectural wealth. At the Istanbul Water Congress and Fair, water professionals and academics will contribute to the water literature. Problems faced by professional will be examined. Roles and future of institutions will be discussed. In that context, the vision of ISKI will be conveyed to participant.   for more information ;  
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