İlker Özel

İLKER ÖZEL -Civil Engineer

İlker Özel, born in 1941, graduated from İstanbul Yıldız Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering. In 1964, he started working at the construction site in the private sector. Between 1966-1972, he worked as a Laboratory Engineer, Control Engineer, and Chief Engineer in the Porsuk Dam Upgrade Construction of the DSI III. Regional Directorate. He completed his military service in 1974 and started to run his own private engineering office until 1981. Between 1981-1983, he started to work in the DSI III. Regional Directorate again. He worked as a Chief Engineer and Orta Sakarya Project Manager. He served as the Regional Director of Karakaya Dam between 1983-1988. Between 1988-1996, he was appointed as DSI Diyarbakır X.Regional Director. During this period, he successfully managed the construction of 4 big dams and two large irrigation systems. Later, he was appointed as DSI Bursa I. Regional Director in 1996 and served as  Regional Director there until 2001. He was appointed as the Deputy General Director of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) in 2001. He worked at this position until 2003 and retired from DSİ.

During his tenure at the General Directorate of DSI, he attended many international courses, technical trips, and seminars abroad, and presented papers.

After 2003, he gave technical consultancy services to various companies. He still continues his technical consultancy services.

İlker Özel speaks English fluently and is a member of the Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Hydropolitics Association.