Antalya International Science Forum (ANISF 2023) was completed. "Climate Change, Environmental Crisis, and Migration".

Antalya International Science Forum (ANISF 2023) was completed. "Climate Change, Environmental Crisis, and Migration".

2 December 2023

The Antalya International Science Forum (ANISF 2023), hosted by Akdeniz University, was held in cooperation with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and various institutions and organizations. The Hydropolitics  Association was among the organizers of the forum.


60 expert speakers from 8 countries participated in the forum titled "Climate Change, Environmental Crisis, and Migration".

The opening speeches of the forum, which lasted three days between 30 November and 1 December, Antalya Deputy Governor Erol Tanrıkulu, Vice Rector of Akdeniz University. Dr. Şükrü Özen and Akdeniz University Social Policy and Migration Studies Application and Research Center Director and Chairman of the Forum. Dr. Erol Esen and ABB President Advisor Lokman Atasoy.

In these speeches, the climate crisis is a global problem, the necessity of creating a livable environment under the effects of the climate crisis, and the importance of making urban planning correctly was emphasized.

In the speeches, as universities, public institutions, and non -non-governmental organizations, we are faced with data that requires us to take action very quickly.

Chairman of the Forum Regulation Board Prof.Dr. Dr. Erol Esen expressed that the forum is an interdisciplinary meeting and said that the names of experts in the field of social science will come together. Prof. Dr. Esen "We aim to understand climate change. We will evaluate climate change in the context of migration and environmental crises.

Scientific studies, good practices, legal regulations, adaptation efforts, migration movements caused by climate change, strategic and possible solutions for environmental changes, and good practices in various countries were discussed in the forum.


60 domestic and foreign speakers participating in the forum presented their papers in three separate halls. At the end of the forum a panel discussion on  "Climate Change, Environmental Crisis, and Migration, Being Aware  -Making a Difference was organized.  Prof. Dr. Gökhan Orhan, Prof. Dr.Birgit Leyendecker, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Consultant Lokman Atasoy, and TMMOB Chamber of Surveying Engineers Antalya Branch President Okan Hançer took part as a speaker.  The Panel Discussion was chaired by  Dr Erol Esen Chairman of the Organization's Board.

In this panel discussion, many issues discussed in the forum were evaluated as a summary and the importance of being aware of the climate crisis and migration relationship was emphasized.

Hydropolitics Association  President Dursun Yildiz also presented papers in the forum. Why should cities prepare for climate migration?

President Dursun Yıldız, Dr.Fulya Kandemir, and Merve Kıran Hergün from the Hydropolitics  Association contributed to the arrangement  and  paper presentation at the forum

Dursun Yıldız presented his paper titled "Effect of Climate Change and Migration on Municipalities, Why Cities Must Prepare for Climate Migration” on the second day of the forum. Dr. Fulya Kandemir served as a moderator on the first day of the forum and presented a paper prepared with Emine Yiğit titled Eco-Friendly Farmer Card: Environmental Protection and Rural Development in Harmony with Climate Change Mitigation.

Dursun Yıldız konuşmasının başında   İklim değişikliği etkili göçlerin önemine ve oluşturacağı tehditlere yönelik olarak uluslararası kuruluşlar  tarafından yapılan açıklamalara vurgu yaptı.  İklim değişikliğine karşı  Afrika’nın  çok kırılgan olduğunu belirten Yıldız  birçok uzmanın 2050 yılına kadar Afrika’da en az  50-60 milyon kişinin iç göçlerle yer değiştireceğini belirttiğini söyledi.

Dursun Yıldız, at the beginning of his speech, emphasized the statements made by international organizations for the importance of climate-induced migrations and threats stating that Africa is very fragile against climate change. Yıldız said that at least 50-60 million people in Africa will be displaced by internal migration until 2050.


Dursun Yıldız: Millions of climate immigrants can come from Africa

Dursun Yıldız stated that the expected climate change effects in Africa will adversely affect rainfall-based agriculture, and this will increase unemployment in Africa. He said that about 2.5 billion people will be on a continent to live in the year 2050. This continent will also be a continent with the youngest population in the world, Yildiz said.

He also emphasized that  60 % of the African population is under 25 years of age.

 In Africa until 2030, 30 million young workforces will be created every year, but Only 3 million people will be employed annually. If this situation continues, climate migration will increase from this continent sid Dursun Yıldız.

Yıldız continued his speech saying that “The EU is making some preparations in this regard. Major cities of neighboring countries should also consider this situation. Many of the world's major metropolises, including Turkey, still experience water shortages. They transfer most of the water from outside of the basin. This can cause conflict between provinces or states in the future. Climate immigrants will increase these tensions.

Growing City administrations will have difficulty

Dursun Yıldız continued his speech

“Growing City administrations will experience both the direct effects of climate change and be affected by its indirect effects such as additional migration burden, and this should be seen now and precautions should be taken. He said that the administrations of these cities should prepare an integrated urban development plan, considering these risks, strengthen their legal and institutional deficiencies, and not delay implementation.

One-third of the world's cities experience water stress

Dursun Yıldız said that 32.5% of the world's urban population lives under water pressure, and climate change and climate migration will increase this pressure. If preparations are not made for this, the security risks of the city in many issues will increase.

Dursun Yıldız stated that Turkey's official climate change projections reveal that there will be water budget deficits in many river basins in the next 20 years. In this regard, we must first review our water management and water use habits. In addition, he said, we need a radical revolution of thought and a paradigm shift in these areas.

  At the end of his speech, we are a country at risk regarding climate change and climate migration. For this reason, we need these measures in inter-institutional coordination, starting from a change of thought. We do not have the luxury and tolerance to waste time, he emphasized.


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