Flood is an overflow of water, while a drought is a prolonged shortage of water. In the world ,witnesses both and sometimes, at the same time. Unusual rainfall patterns are becoming commonplace now and trigger disasters such as floods and droughts

The climate is changing and with it available water resources. The phases of the water cycle (evaporation, condensation, precipitation, collection) are speeding up due to rising temperatures.


The hotter it is, the faster water evaporates, according to research published in the review Scientific Reports. As a result, the amount of vapor circulating in the atmosphere increases. The study concludes that this does not bode well and the intensification of the water cycle will provoked extreme climate events. There will be longer droughts and increasingly intense and frequent torrential rains and flooding.

Recent climate modelling predicts that, for every degree of warming, the Earth’s water cycle could intensify up to 7%. In practice, this means that humid regions could become 7% more humid and dry regions 7% drier on average.

The world is already experiencing important changes, many of them irreversible and with serious consequences for the future of our planet. The most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that, even if we can keep global warming down to 2°C, extreme weather phenomena will be 14% more intense than at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

The only way to guarantee that heatwaves, droughts and storms do not intensify in future is to limit global warming. There is a long road ahead if we’re to achieve this. Climate has changed .We must shift our paradigm in soon.



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