Migration Discussions in the Context of Anthropogenic Climate Change

Migration Discussions in the Context of Anthropogenic Climate Change
People have always migrated in response to environmental change. Movement is a traditional part of human
life that allows people to escape from threat and increase resilience (especially when planned). Migration is
used almost exclusively by humans to adapt to changing environmental conditions around the world, may
be one of the solutions for dealing with climate change. The “new” side of shifts triggered by climate change
is the underlying anthropogenic causes, the susceptible approach of many people to climate change, and
the relative rapidity of climate change. The aim of this article is to address the multidimensional debate
of the impact of anthropogenic climate change on migration movements, patterns, and volumes and to
emphasize the importance of analyzing the complex interaction between climate change, environment, and
migration. For this purpose, this descriptive study based on a literature review draws a general framework
about the issue of migration caused by climate change. In the final section, it is emphasized that consultation,
information, and capacity-building activities at the local level should be strengthened as much as global
initiatives and participation in order to create large and participatory processes that include the societies
that will be affected by climate change.
Global warming • Climate change • Enviromental migration • Climate fefugees

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