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Director of Hydropolitics Association, Ankara, TURKEY
Assist. Professor, Statistic Department, Yildiz Technical University, TURKEY
Mehmet Samil GUNES
Researcher at Hydropolitics Association in Ankara, TURKEY

After a higher growth rate of population during the second half of the 20th Century, the 21st Century has begun with new paradigms to find sustainable solutions for a high number of populations lives in deep poverty. Some international conflicts related to transboundary water has transmitted to the new century Africa is home to most of the world’s major transboundary watercourses, which cover more than half of its surface area and more than 90% of its surface water resources. Yet Africa uses less than 4% of the water available and less than 10% of its hydropower potential. In this paper, we argue that due to the lack of consensus over the use of the Nile basin during the 20th Century, most of the basin countries couldn’t be developed. But the situation is not the same in the 21st Century over the Nile river basin.
“Today cooperation arrangements are moving increasingly from a single focus on sharing waters to the sharing of multiple benefits from more optimal water arrangements within basins.” Most significantly, during the past, the lack of political will to cooperate by riparian countries is the number one reason not to progress. Even it is not solved properly but rapid progress has been achieved in the last ten years. Grand Renaissance Dam project which is a cornerstone of the Nile Basin water development has started and 60% completed. It has been a turning point of the Nile Hydro Politics. At the same time, this paper further contributes to defining main drivers to this rapid change in order to analyze the effect of external forces and new food geopolitics in the new transboundary challenges.
Keywords: Nile Basin, New Hydropolitics, Grand Renaissance Dam, Land and Water Diplomacy

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