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Water Management and Diplomacy (IJWMD)

New threats to transboundary waters require a new conceptual approach

  Dursun Yıldız   Aug 10, 2015 Global Water Forum |

1 Dursun Yildiz, Hydropolitics Academy Association, Turkey

Approximately 40% of the global population live in transboundary water basins and growing threats such as climate change emphasise the urgent need for coordinated management of transboundary water bodies. The reality of global change calls for innovative “hydro-diplomacy” aimed at strengthening international collaboration for climate change adaptation under the framework of regional security and win-win politics. Since the end of the Cold War, classical “regional cooperation” has been the most mentioned approach to resolve transboundary water conflicts between riparian states, yet this approach faces new challenges, such as the devastating impacts of prolonged drought as well as ongoing instability and conflicts, thus requiring a new paradigm to water cooperation.

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