World Circular Economy Forum 2019: Africa wants to go green


21 June 2019

On 3-5 June 2019, the third annual World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) 2019 in Helsinki, Finland, organised by the Finnish innovation fund Sitra, brought together over 2,200 of the world’s top business leaders, policymakers, researchers and innovators from more than 90 countries to work towards implementing a circular economy.

This year’s forum included a dedicated session on Africa to discuss the goal of scaling up the circular economy in the continent. Almost 70 African representatives from different parts of the continent attended the forum. The companies represented innovative and commercially viable African expertise in the circular economy.

The African Development Bank’s ten-year strategy (2013-2022) aims to change African economies to inclusive green growth, and it helps several countries to develop green growth strategies that incorporate circular economy principles. It hosts a suite of tailor-made de-risking financial instruments that drive innovations on the continent including public and private circular economy projects.

Juha Savolainen, Director of the unit for southern and western of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Finland, said at the session organised by the MFA and the African Development Bank that Africa should remain in the spotlight at the WCEF.

“Africa’s population growth and expanding economies mean that Africa needs work and jobs. The implementation of the principles of the circular economy offers plenty of opportunities for sustainable economic growth in Africa.”

Vincent Biruta, Minister of the Environment of Rwanda, also chairman of the African Circular Economy Alliance, said that the transition into the circular economy must be inclusive so that jobs and opportunities are also created for youth and women.

Original source: AfDB
Published on 20 June 2019

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