Putin’s Envoy & The American message To Erdogan


Mey Alsayegh

Aljoumhouria – Beirut

July 18  2016

So far,ambiguity dominates the scene in Turkey that succeeded in overcoming the coup in its first hours.  Rumors spreaded and some go far in accusing Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan of plotting the coup to enhance his power and control over the Turkish State.

Most of Turkish citizens mocked of this accusation, pointing out that US intelligence fingers were behind the plot and believe that the exiled Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, Erdogan’s  longtime foe, masterminded the coup, and since this coup came at the moment of normalizing relations between Turkey and Russia and that disturbed Washington.

In the eyes of a large number of Turks, Gulen is considered as a subcontractor for American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Erdogan accused him of masterminding the failed coup.

Gulen, who is living in Pennsylvania and leads a popular movement called Hizmet, denied the claims and did not rule out that Erdogan may stand behind the coup.

Turkish Mp Egmen Bagis, and former minister for EU Affairs, considered that Gulen’s claim that not him but Erdogan is behind the coup attempt is not only ridiculous but also an insult to the logic of ordinary people.

Bagis told Aljoumhouria Newspaper in Beirut ” :Erdogan is the elected president and is party is in power with the support of a huge majority in Turkey. Gulen and his brainwashed and fooled lunatic followers are the ones who have been trying to gain the control of the government thru undemocratic means since 2013. Most of the military members who took part in the failed coup attempt were involved with him or his people in some way. Only sworn opponents of President Erdogan would fall into to the illogical traps of the Gulenists. Even the leaders of all opposition parties in the parliament have united with our party in overcoming the threats of FETO Terorist organization”.

Professor Sencer Imer at Hacettepe university in Ankara agreed with Bagis that It is impossible that Erdogan has masterminded the coup.

Professor Imer pointed out to  the statement issued  by the National Security Council that considered Gulen organizations as terrorist and rooted in the judiciary and the armed forces and government departments.

He clarified to Aljoumhouria Newspaper in Beirut that this coup failed because it was masterminded by amateurs, If we compare it  to May 1960 and September 1980 coups, even its timing at night and not in the early hours of the morning and done in a hurry way,and it lacked a plan to communications interruption.

Furthermore, the Air Force took the lead without sufficient number of troops on ground,  and it was  clear that the majority of the Turkish army did not provide cover for this group, and the cooperation of the military with the elected government led to the failure of the coup, and helped Erdogan to overcome it.

Professor Imer pointed out that Russian envoy Alexander Dugin was on Thursday July 14 and Friday July 15 in Ankara, to speak with responsible and govermental people to prepare the meeting of Erdogan and president vladimir Putin at the beginning of August and to establish a long term relationship between Turkey and Russia.

Professor Imer was present at Dugin speech and at the reception after that. Dughin made a very interesting and constuctive speech on last Friday in Hotel Rixos in Ankara between 15 and 16 hour and he left Turkey after speaking with deputy prime minister of Turkey Numan Kurtulmus in evening.

Professor Imer said: “It is strange that the Russian envoy left, after meeting with Kurtulmus on Friday evening and apologized for not staying to Saturday  and left within hours before the coup occurred. I think he had received information that he should leave”.

Professor Imer didnot not rule out that Americans are not happy by Turkey’s quest to be a strategic partner with Russia and being at the same time within NATO, stressing that his country is supposed to maintain a balance in its foreign policy and to ensure this balance.

He added: “ there is a high possibility that the coup is a message from the Americans, to warn the Turks, to reduce cooperation with the Russians, especially after the Turkish suggeted postponing deploying fleets for Nato in the Black Sea to October due to Russain request “.

Professor Imer criticized the mistakes that were comitted at the Coup night and calling from mosques people to go to the streets to support the government,  saying that we cannot put civil society against those holding weapons and called for punishing them according to ethical satandards.

Professor Imer concluded: “It is neither ethical nor human to arrest  soliders naked in this form, put them on top of each other in a room,  without respecting  their human dignity, they should be sentenced and to avoid creating provocations and not to repeat ousted President Mohamed Morsi did, and putting people in the face of each other and increase the polarization in the society”.





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