Hydropolitics Association Activity Report-2016

Hydropolitics Association Activity Report 2016 has been prepared and published

In the Prefeace of the  report HPA Director Dursun Yıldız addressed following points.


Are we going to have Secure Water in 21st Century? It is hard to answer this question at once. However, it is obvious that water will play a critical role in reshaping policies and economy of the 21st century.

21st century will be a century marked by Water, Energy and Food security.Ever-increasing relationships among those three security concepts with a central focus on water also increased the works and efforts on international water policies.

We decieded to establish  the Hydropolitics Association At the end of meetings in 2015 July with the participation of academics, technocrats, experts, ambassadors and lawyers.We perceived the lack of an environment in which multi-disciplinary experts are able to get together and discuss the issues related to water.

Therefore, Hydropolitics Association  was designed to be an environment  in which academics and experts of various disciplines are able to get together, implement joint works and publish the common views and suggestions over the web-site of the Academy.

National and transboundary water management is not only the subject matter of engineering disciplines but also concerns the other disciplines such as economy, international relations, environment, meteorology, climate, oceanography and statistics.Hydropolitics Academy aims to step forward to form such a multidisciplinary joint work environments.

There is a need for scientific papers, comments and analyses rather than speculations in this issue. To meet such a need in water and relevant energy and food security like significant strategic issues, we are taking a step in a new year.

We hope that the works we done will provide several benefits at local, regional, national and international levels.

During the year of 2016 we organised national international courses,conferences, panel-discussion, we made applied research studies,  carried out Joint projects and published  reports .

All these activities carried out by Hydropolitics Association is given in this Annual Activity Report- 2016 .We are very thankful to our members ,experts academics,media for their  support  and participants followed our activities during the year of  2016.

We are eager to establish an international center to  analyse rapidly changing world and new paradigms

on the base of science,

for the benefit of society……

Best Regards


Director              20 January 2017 -Ankara/Turkey


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