Are we going to have Secure Water in 21st Century? It is hard to answer this question at once. However, it is obvious that water will play a critical role in reshaping policies and economy of the 21st century.

As the national water resources are getting polluted and becoming insufficient due to rapid increase in population, inefficient uses, migration to urban sections, industrial activities and current global warming and climate change, significance of international surface and groundwaters are increasing. Limiting impacts of water on social and economic development of countries especially of some regions ofthe world will no-doubt bring the current problems into an upper level. Such a case will bring national and international water use policies (Hydropolitics) into more forefront than today. There is a need for more comprehensive works to be done in this issue also in Turkey.

In brief, we are rapidly moving toward significant national and international hydropolitics approaches. The relationships among energy-water-food and interactions in crises of those three components are ever increasing the significance of such policies.

The unlimited development model, being implemented with industrial revolution, water resources pollution, increased consumption stress over water resources, uneven spatial and temporal distribution of water, ever-increasing climate pressures, increased water-energy-food relationships all have brought the water management into top of the world agenda.

21st century will be a century marked by Water, Energy and Food security.

Ever-increasing relationships among those three security concepts with a central focus on water also increased the works and efforts on international water policies.

At the end of meetings we organized during the second half of the year 2013 with the participation of academics, technocrats, experts, ambassadors and lawyers, we decided to establish “Hydropolitics Academy”. We perceived the lack of an atmosphere in which multi-disciplinary experts are able to get together and discuss the issues related to water.

Therefore, Hydropolitics Academy was designed to be an atmosphere in which academics and experts of various disciplines are able to get together, implement joint works and publish the common views and suggestions over the web-site of the Academy.

National and international water management is not only the subject matter of engineering disciplines but also concerns the other disciplines such as economy, international relations, environment, meteorology, climate, oceanography and statistics.Hydropolitics Academy aims to step forward to form such a multidisciplinary joint work environments.

There is a need for scientific papers, comments and analyses rather than speculations in this issue. To meet such a need in water and relevant energy and food security like significant strategic issues, we are taking a step in a new year.

We hope that the works we done will provide several benefits at local, regional, national and international levels.

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Academy Executive Committee